Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Oxfordshire speeding increase after cameras turned off

Thames Valley's Safer Road Partnership monitored drivers on two roads in the county for five days.

The cameras were axed at the end of July after the county council withdrew £600,000 in funding due to budget cuts.

Road safety charity Brake called the results "extremely concerning" and urged the council to change its policy.

The tests were carried out in Watlington Road, Cowley, and the A44 in Woodstock from Thursday till Monday.

In Cowley, 62 people were clocked speeding, representing a rise of 88%, the partnership revealed.

In Woodstock 110 drivers were over the 30mph limit, which is 18% more than the average for 2010.

Those caught speeding during the trial will not receive fines or points.

Insp Paul Winks, from Thames Valley Police, said: "It's obviously disappointing.

"It clearly means switching off the camera has given a green light to a small number of people to break the law.

"The consequence is more death and more death is unacceptable."

Ellen Booth, campaign officer for Brake, said road deaths cost the taxpayer about £1.7m a year.

She added: "This is people's lives we are talking about.

"Ending speed cameras in certain areas and ending funding for safer road partnerships is taking a huge step backwards.

"What we would like to see is councils looking at the issue of speed cameras, not only at how effective they are in reducing death and serious injuries, but also how cost effective they are."


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